Maple Sugaring at The Warfield House

During the middle to late February there are usually two or three days when the weather “warms up,” that is, the temperature gets into the forties – that’s when you go into the sugar woods with your portable drill and tap the maple trees. You drill a small hole into the tree and press a spigot into the hole.

By March first you can expect warm days (into the forties) at any time. It is those warm sunny days in early March when the sap starts to really flow. It’s a harbinger of spring and an exciting time on a farm where we make maple syrup.   Sugar Woods

This is a fine time for a visit  to  Valley View Farm. Take a “barnyard” tour to see our animals and farm equipment, go through our sugar house to see all the ins and outs of making maple syrup and have a fabulous lunch in our banquet room. Also take some of our maple syrup home. They are all for sale in our restaurant or you can order by email or call us for the latest pricing. It makes the perfect gift !! Can be sent anywhere in the continental US. or phone us at 413-339-6600.

The Warfield House Inn
200 Warfield Rd.
Charlemont, MA 01339


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