Farm Activities – Llama Picnic Treks

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Valley View Farm has been in the Warfield family since 1868. Today we carry on the farm tradition by raising  Hereford beef cattle, Haflinger horses and Llamas. You are welcome to walk around the farm and say hello to all of our livestock.

In the summer our cows go out to pasture with their calves. They graze until November when they come in to live in the cow shed for the winter. We have Hereford beef cattle. They have their calves in the spring. By the fall the calves are ready to wean. The cows are excellent mothers and easy to care for. Herefords are quite tranquil.

On your tour take a look at our pair of beautiful purebred Haflinger horses. They are natives of Austria and are a cross between a small Austrian workhorse and an Arabian which adds to their beautiful color. They are very gentle. An Amish family in Ohio trained ours.

In addition, we have chicken condos or to use ‘olde Englishe’ our ‘chicken coops’. I feel that a farm isn’t a farm unless there are chickens about. We have Rhode Island Reds that lay beautiful large brown eggs.

Finally you must say hello to our two llamas. Jack and Jim are trained to carry packs on their backs. They will gladly hike the trails with you. Their padded feet are kind to the forest floor. It’s quite an experience to travel with these unique South American pack animals.
- John Warfield Glaze