The Warfield House Inn

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The Bungalow

Bungalow Room 1 Room No: 1B $135 single, $200 when booked with room 3B
Description: Private bath, ceiling fan, queen bed, A/C Available as a single room or as a suite with the 3B.
Bungalow Room 2 Room No: 2B $135
Description: Private bath, queen bed, A/C
Bungalow Room 3
Room No: 3B (Can only booked as a suite with room 1B for $200)
Description: Shared bath with Room 1B, full size bed, A/C
Bungalow Room 4 Room No: 4B $115
Description: Shares a bathroom with room 5B, full size bed, A/C
Bungalow Room 5 Room No: 5B $100
Description: Twin beds, shares a bathroom with Room 4B, A/C

photography by Craig Gibson

The Warfield House Inn
200 Warfield Rd.
Charlemont, MA 01339